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The South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region of Ethiopia is a very convenient choice for Investment. We have the investment potential in different kinds of economic Sectors. Please come and Invest at SNNPR. We are here to serve You.

The encouragement and promotion of investment has become necessary so as to accelerate the economic development of the country and improve the living standards of its people and to this effect the government of Ethiopia has issued an initial Investment proclamation in 1996 and the SNNPR government has proclaimed Regional Investment Administration Proclamation in 1998 to widen the scope of involvement of private investment in different sectors of the economy.

The regional Investment Agency was organized in three departments, six teams, one service, and one liaison office in order to effectively accomplish the powers & duties given to it

Major Duties
Its major activities include: Issuance of Investment Permit to New investment & Expansion investment to domestic Investors, Renewal of investment permit, Substitution of lost or damaged investment permit, Issuance of trade registration certificate, Principal registration, Issuance of Business license, Provision of Consultancy Services to potential investors on possible areas of investment; Investment incentives, Facilitate the allocation & supply of Rural & Urban Land for approved investments in cooperation with the concerned zone, special woreda and urban administration executive organs, Provide land holding certificate in cooperation with concerned body, Investment Promotion works, Provide information on investment opportunities and performance of the region.
Overview of Investment Activities
Since the establishment of the regional investment bureau in 1993 up to April, 2008 a total of 4,070 projects have received licenses to invest at different economic sectors. Out of the total investment projects 864(21.23%) are engaged in agriculture, 992(24.37%) in industry, 41(0.98%) in construction, 669(16.44%) in services, 653 (16.04%) in Hotel & Tourism, social services 424 (10.42%) and the remaining projects are engaged in other investment sectors.

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As compared to the resource base and potential of the region, investment activity has yet to mushroom and participate in various economic sectors and tap the potential, create employment, and contribute towards economic development.
Agriculture 903 6,918,978,201 318,889
Agro Industry 98 6,063,056,609 220,918
Construction 41 613,503,323 8,674
Energy 7 3,015,193,567 872
Hotel and Tourism 667 2,850,875,202 31,671
Industry 1,004 3,754,613,233 87,047
Real Estate 306 2,577,194,774 18,783
Service Rendering 699 2,062,887,995 24,402
Social Service 432 1,589,722,880 66,359
Trade 22 55,068,700 1,290
Sum 4,179 29,501,094,484 778,905
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